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French Revolution - Day By Day

French Revolution - Day By Day

An Android app to follow the twists and turns of the French Revolution, day by day.

Swipe your way through the events of the French Revolution, scroll your way through the timeline of major episodes, and click your way through the biographies of more than forty key protagonists.

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All the major events - from the Tennis Court Oath, the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen, the Day of Daggers, the execution of Louis Capet, the revolts in the Vendee, the murder of Marat, the Levée en masse and the twists and turns of The Terror, the Law of Suspects, and the guillotining of the Jacobins, all the way to the Bonaparte-backed defence of the Directory.

Journey, also, along the byways and less traversed back roads of the Childers Incident, the Réveillon riots, the Parthenopean Republic of Naples, the Cordeliers Club, dates of the French Republican Calendar, battles of the Army of the West Pyrenees, the Irish Rebellions...

The people profiled rainge from Talleyrand, Desmoulins, Napoleon, Hebert, Lafayette, Necker, Saint-Just, Brissot and the Robespierre brothers. Know your Moreau from your Marat from your Murat! Your Calonne from your Carnot from your Carrier!

Sort out the Girondins from the Dantonists and the Jacobins from the Hébertists.

Distinguish the Coup d'état of 30 Prairial Year VII from the Coup d'état of 18 Fructidor from the Coup d'état of 18 Brumaire...

Also, with a responsive design, it is Smartphone and Tablet friendly.

Features include:
  • Entries for every day of the year 
  • Timeline of major events 
  • Character profile of interesting and main protagonists
  • Responsive design Phone and Tablet friendly 
View more details on Google Play.

The app is free and requires no permissions to run on your smartphone or tablet.

View screenshots of the App in hot French Revolutionary action! »

The app was developed as part of the Electronics Weekly blog, Eyes on Android, specifically, the 'Build your own app' series of blog posts.

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